Hello and welcome to the Caterham BID web site, where we will be answering your questions and keeping you updated as Caterham Town Centre works together to become an official Business Improvement District.

Caterham Town Centre

A Business Improvement District (BID) is an exciting way to help businesses take control of and improve their trading environment. If you are a business within the suggested BID area (see map) you have the opportunity to
identify the projects you want to implement that will make a positive change in your Town Centre.

Proposed Caterham BID Area

Plans for the BID will be taken forward by the BID Development Group which is made up of representatives from local businesses and will be led by local businessman Andrew Browne as Chairman of the Group.

The project will be supported by external consultants, Mosaic Partnership, and by Project Manager Sue McGeown. Sue has recently managed the successful Oxted BID. Funding for the project has been made available by Tandridge District Council who have provided an interest free loan.

In order to remain competitive and attractive to users, Caterham Town Centre needs to stand out for all the right reasons. By achieving Business Improvement District status we can all work together to make Caterham a better place to shop, visit and work.

Over the coming months, the team will be meeting with you all to find out what is important to you and to establish priorities so that we can work together to ensure local businesses and Caterham Town Centre thrives. Some of you will have already met Sue as she speaks to businesses in the town. If you would like to have a 1-1 meeting with Sue please do not hesitate to contact her.

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